Virtual Reality

Today with Virtual Reality it is possible to do many things and many of these can also be useful for companies.

We decided to create a team to work on virtual reality to meet the needs of those companies that need to transform the real into pixels: reconstructions of places and buildings, three-dimensional realization of industrial machinery to be shown at the fair, 3D catalogs. The possibilities are almost endless.

Ok, but what is Virtual Reality?

It is a virtual reconstruction of reality, so that any place, instrument and experience are in any way reproducible anywhere.

Today we can walk in virtual worlds with special VR viewers (like the famous Oculus Rift) and even interact with simulated objects and tools.


3D reconstructions in the Industrial Area

Here's how Virtual Reality can be useful for companies

This service was born with the intention of allowing companies to promote their proposals, in particular the big industrial machinery.

Often taking part in international fairs can bring to the companies very important customers, but the latter want to see with their own eyes the functioning of the products to be purchased.

But how do you show off a machine of tens of meters?

We need to do an impossible transport and buy a huge space at very high costs.

The solution of Nughe is based on Virtual Reality

Logistic problems can be totally eliminated through a virtual model of the machinery to be exhibited.
Today the technology allows to perform extremely faithful reconstructions, observable with a special viewer.
We even offer the possibility of creating virtual machines with which it is possible to interact.
Anyone in any part of the world will be able to observe the products offered by companies with their own eyes.

Our solutions

  • Three-dimensional catalogs (can be integrated into websites and apps).
  • Reconstructed 3D machines that can be observed on monitors and through augmented reality viewers.
  • Reconstructed 3D interactive machines placed in virtual environments.

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Environments and Buildings Reconstructed in 3D

Here's what we can offer you on 3D reconstructions

For over 20 years now we are talking about three-dimensional reconstructions for museums and archaeological sites.

Naturally, virtual reality can be used to rebuild every building.

Our team therefore offers this additional service.

From the archaeological site to the company building, we can guarantee high quality work from the simplest to the most complex construction, from the oldest to the most recent.

Live the places of history through virtual reality

This possibility has already proved particularly interesting in different places in history: from the museum to the archaeological site.

Both partially and integrally, showing visitors virtual reproductions of what were the buildings and objects in the past have a positive impact both for the experience and for the culture.

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