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We analyze the results of your business and studying a strategy to achieve your goals. We maximize the results. Explore our site to find out Nughe's services. For any information contact us.

Web Marketing

We help your organization to promote yourself on the web.nWe build optimized sites and portals. nWe help you positioning them with SEO and with advertising. nWe can manage the articles and content of your blog.n

Social Media Marketing

Do you want to promote your business on popular Social Network?nWe'll think about it! nSocials are a very strong marketing tool, but you have to manage them professionally.

Offline Marketing

Analysis, Strategy and Action: important marketing phases. nThere are so many ways to promote your business outside the web.nOften success comes by combining online and offline actions.n

Virtual Reality

Are you ready to deal with Augmented Reality?nWe help you to understand the benefits you can have. nThe best for your customers with virtual reconstruction of machines, systems, buildings, 3D catalogs and more.

Support Services

Translation, printing, management software solutions. nA single supplier for so many integrated services.nWe do our best to meet your needs and your targets.

Analysis and Training

Analysis and evaluation of organizations' online and offline integrated communication projects.nCustomization of new projects.nImprovement of existing projects.


Discover now our products and services: below you will find the proposals on websites, IT solutions, management software, mobile applications.


Institutional Website

We intend the site suitable for organizations, both public and private, who must communicate their users with information, services and more. The site is designed and built so that it can be managed and updated by you independently in different languages.

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Business Website

This is the solution for production and commercial companies that have to communicate information about products and services to customers. The site is designed to be managed and updated independently in different languages to help you in sales and in exports.

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Personal Website

This is the perfect web solution for particular activities. For example it fit perfectly for professionals like lawyers, doctors, politicians, artists, bloggers, influencers and sportsman obviously. Shortly, all those who need to inform and make themselves known from their followers.

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Complete solution up to five stations

This is the first example for an SME that needs a complete solution that includes Servers, five Computers with an operating system, backup, data security and all the devices, so your production never stops. Ready to use.

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Complete solution up to fifteen stations

This second example is dedicated to an SME that needs a more complex but complete system that includes Servers, fifteen computers with operating system, backup, data security and all ready to serve you so as not to interrupt the production.

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Tailor-made solution: small and large companies

Tailor-made solution: small and large companies This is another sample with ready-to-use solutions, always with a fixed monthly fee, without advance payments. We can design for your specific needs, both for micro-enterprises or large organizations.

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Management Software to improve the organization

The Management Software facilitates and efficiently organizes the work of Accounting, Production, Warehouse and the different Business Processes. We have both ready-made solutions for specific sectors, adaptable modular software and the possibility to develop them for your needs. They are designed to be used both in the office and on mobility.

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Applications (Adroid, iOS, etc) for Smartphones and Tablets

In the world the huge use of mobile devices (Smartphones, Tablets, etc) has become more and more useful. The possibility of having their own Application (App) to be downloaded from customers, partners and users in order to have a direct, confidential and practical link with us. Our proposal includes ready products and development possibilities.

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Software Development and Wi-Fi Platforms

This is the proposal for those who need tailor-made solutions that are not on the market. Our team of developers is available to accomplish what the company needs. Management, applications, guest Wi-Fi platforms and any solution can help your organization.

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Nughe's Staff is your perfect partner, We take care in evaluating the best way to invest your advertising budget to reach the best results.


Some of our customers and projects, we are their digital partners for their constant growth:

We have dealt with and deal with numerous successful campaigns to help our customers in the sale and acquisition of contacts. From local to international marketing, we have created a network of experts who are able to offer all-round services in different countries.

Nughe is involved in many projects in various fields: Technical-Industrial Sector, Hotels and Restaurants, Local Territories and Realities, Wine, Food & Beverage, Technology and Gaming. He has created and manages blogs, forums and portals, pages and social accounts with thousands of users in different countries.

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