What are the peculiar features of Twitter and how to use it to Improve Your Company’s Results

Twitter is a particularly interactive social network, characterized since its origin for the typology of its short and direct posts.

Its potential can be exploited to the best through the use of hashtags and content sharing.

Hashtag: Explanation and Strategy

The Hastag are real keyword phrases that summarize the content, event, action, or topic to which we refer to it with a single word (often composed of multiple terms).

#Hashtags are useful for conversation on a certain topic, or to invite users to share content or moments about the brand. To use Hashtag correctly, you must use specific rules and behaviors.

Twitter Dynamics and Potential for the Brand

The main interaction of the platform is the retweet, that is, the sharing of a certain post of others with its tagged name, often accompanied by a comment on the re-shared content.

Twitter’s dynamics are very valuable both to work on brand reputation, to make good customer care, and to promote company products and content through tweets and retweet.

On this social platform, brands can link real-time contacts with their customers and potential customers by exploiting the trends of the moment.

In other words, the company becomes an integral part of Twitter’s social activity, getting retweet and making it through the most active dialogues.

It is a social that keeps a strong and constant presence with direct relationships between brands and people.