Social Media Marketing Consulting

Before investing in Social, seek professional consulting

Investing in consultancy could be the best choice
also within Social Media Marketing and in the long run, doing a thorough analysis together with an expert can save you a lot of money.

This is because business often invests the budget on inappropriate or non-optimal channels, or on the right channels but in the wrong way.

Let’s take some examples


Why have a brand on Facebook? Why Linkedin?

Over the years, Facebook’s domain has made many business owners believe that they must necessarily be present on Mark Zuckerberg’s Social. But is it really so?

It depends.

Facebook represents a social media of leisure and distraction. It is a platform in which people often share simple and complex articles. They discuss each other with different topics and also technical ones. In principle you have to think of it as a place where even professionals want to have fun and chat.

For the same budget, therefore, especially for B2B, it might be much more effective than another Social Media like Linkedin.

Some Facebook experts claim that the users of this Social are so large that they can find the technical users interested in the tide of users.

It would be a good job of finding the right audience: to create a public based on certain interests, behaviors and features that reflect the right customer.

This is because the Zuckerberg platform has a huge amount of information thanks to billions of registered users.

It is true that you can get to the ideal target, but it’s not always easy. In some cases, interested users can be easily accessed on other platforms.


Advertising on Instagram

Instagram is the social media dedicated to the images. It is a powerful platform that, compared to others, can get engagement with greater ease.

Much used in fashion and travel, it is also optimal for food. It is used successfully in the furniture sector (see Ikea) and works on anything that can be visually appealing and spontaneous.

It is precisely for these reasons and for its peculiar strengths that it may be wrong to promote on Instagram a bolt company.


Linkedin, the Social of Businesses and Professionals

Linkedin is a Social Network based on professional interests. Often the postings of companies that do not have any appreciation on Facebook become a huge success on this other platform.

Job offers, technical articles, business services, business groups. These are the characteristic contents of Linkedin.

It certainly has fewer people than Facebook, but for many companies these are perfectly targeted users that can deliver better results in less time.


Promoting products and awareness thanks to Pinterest

When we talk about Pinterest we are pointing to a very “visual” social media like Instagram, but here the images are more sought after, elegant, professional.

It’s the product platform, so perfect for, for example, brands related to food, fashion and craft.


Twitter for Business

Twitter is also used by many companies, but it should not always be preferred as a primary or necessary choice.

Its strength lies in the ease with which it manages trends through the spread of the famous hashtag and the direct dialogue between users and brands.



If you want to invest in Social Media Marketing it is good to ask for a preliminary professional consultancy. This way help to evaluate the most suitable social media for the company we want to promote.