Pinterest’s peculiarities and how to use this Social in the best way

Pinterest is a very “visual” Social Media, based on very well-liked images and designed specifically to hit users.

It is characterized by post called “pin”, which can be published directly or republished (re-pin). Re-pinned posts are actually the main activity of users who populate Pinterest.


Pinterest for e-commerce

Pinterest is very efficient for online sales in different niches. Pinned e-commerce products, which are shared on Pinterest, have very high conversion rates, because the visual style combined with the structure in which the images are organized returns a well-groomed display for the objects to be presented.

How easy it is to understand, however, is not enough to share a product.

it is important that the images are adequate and coherent and the texts must be both attractive and interesting and at the same time descriptive. In addition, the shares must be integrated with additional strategies, such as choosing the information to enter, the amount and any call to action.

Pinterest users and the most suitable sectors

Pinterest is a platform mainly used by female users, although periodically there are exceptions in some countries.

In any case, we talk about a social media network with over 150 million active users. It can work well in many niches, but the most successful ones are related to products: food, crafts and fashion.

If you are interested in doing business on Pinterest please contact us for more information.