What are the opportunities offered by Linkedin and how to use them in the best way?

Linkedin is a Social Media for Professionals and Companies, a Network through which work-related links are built.

In 2017, this platform has exceeded 500 million users, representing a certain type of target with a more defined navigational intent than other Social, has become extraordinarily interesting to create job opportunities and business opportunities.

On Linkedin you can join a professional network to expand, create your own company’s page, create or join groups with common interests, share articles.


Relationships between professionals and brands

The possibilities offered by this Social are numerous and concern not only the relationship between brands and customers, but also those within companies.

Every potential Linkedin deserves to be exploited with appropriate strategies.

There is also a Advertising Platform on Linkedin, which, though more expensive than the average, can achieve good results on some areas, and in particular in b2b.