What is Instagram and What Businesses Should Use for Your Marketing?

Instagram is a social application born for Smartphones with the idea of ​​taking and sharing photos, often made of its special filters.

The trend style used on Instagram remembers the old Polaroid, especially for the standard (tentatively square) form and the particular vintage colors given to the images.

Content must be visually appealing and possibly at the same time spontaneous.

Instagram’s growth can be quick and bring great results, but it requires a lot of work and just as much patience.


The development of Instagram

The App had a fast growth: it was born in 2010, since the first month has recorded 1 million users.

In 2012, with more than 30 million users bought from Facebook for $ 1 billion.

Since 2013, it has also become possible to publish videos on Instagram (using the same filters) and shortly users have multiplied by five times compared to the previous year.

Today Instagram has over 800 million active users and is the Social Network that can get more interactions.


What are the strengths of Instagram to do Marketing?

Being a social network based on images, users who populate it are constantly looking for visual emotions, to watch and to share.

The role of emotions in the process of approaching brands, selling and acquiring customers is very important.

This is the main reason for which Instagram is a very powerful social media for the marketing of numerous niches.

Instagram users and companies are also on the same level, there is no subordination but pure exchange of interactions on the same level.

All these elements bring people closer to the brand.



The Hashtags

Hashtags are keywords used on this particular Social Network to identify images.

They must be used strategically: you must choose the correct hashtags so that the content can be viewed to as many target users as possible.

Proper use of hashtags allows you to have good coverage and reach many people willing to become follower while remaining in touch with the brand.

To get these results, you need to know exactly what you need: finding the most suitable and functional hashtags, choosing the right quantity, strategic planning.

A common mistake is to choose the most popular hashtags with the goal of making the company and professionals known.

This is an error because increasing the spread increases the amount of competing images for that keyword. This causes a lower actual visibility than the one that would have on less popular hashtags.

In Instagram’s management, many small mistakes can be made that significantly affect the results and the value of the efforts being used, which is why so many businesses rely on account management for professionals.


The right pictures

Instagram is excellently the Social of images, so you have to pay close attention to the choice of photos to share.

Content, type of framing, background, colors and brightness: all of the decisive elements for both the success of a single post and for the acquisition of the entire profile’s followers.

The account must be structured in an equally appropriate manner and find its own consistent and effective style.



The Ideal Sectors to Do Marketing on Instagram

There are numerous niches that can have an editorial plan suitable for Instagram and get great results

The automotive industry, for example: automotive images and driving experiences are highly appreciated and brands such as BMW and Audi boast millions of followers.

In Food & Beverage Instagram Marketing has now become indispensable, both for local and event activities, as well as for large companies.

Within fashion, it’s even easier to understand Instagram’s strength, just think of the rich influencer market.

Instagram is also a great platform for getting acquainted with certain products, from the cheapest to the luxury ones, as long as they are presented with photos suitable for this Social.

Other very strong sectors are those related to Personal Care and the world of travel and tourism.

Everything that can be communicated visually and told as an emotionally intense experience can find enormous engagement on Instagram. However, we need to be able to transform our products / services and their goals into images that fit this platform.