Facebook Pages Management

Why should you entrust to us your Company’s Facebook Page?

To explain why you need to manage your Facebook pages professionally, you must first clarify how to be good marketing on the Social Network.

It is important for the company page to succeed to have clear ideas on so many aspects.

What are the people who are currently interested in our proposal?

There are different people from our regular customers (so we can reach and loyalty them too).

What are the posts and content that really involve customer-users?

Of course, they also serve the best techniques to create the right content and ensure its visibility, or coverage. We really need to understand how to be interesting and to make fruitful knowledge of these aspects through strategies and techniques.


What are Facebook Features?

A social media like Facebook is born with social sharing intent. To succeed means therefore not to lose sight of the real wishes of our “virtual friends”. We also have to share where we want to promote our business or our products.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Social Network numbers are impressive at all levels: growth, active users but above all Facebook’s influences on the market (only in 2014 there was a global economic impact of $ 227 billion). The platform is able to converge so many elements and to offer many types of content internally.

You can now create personal profiles (useful only for users and their social relationships), pages (with which to promote the brand) or groups (the best solution to dialogue).

Facebook’s strength is also what makes it complicated in doing marketing: it is crowded with people of all kinds.

These people are connected to leisure, for example, from a Linkedin where users are professionals interested in work issues.

For this reason on Facebook it is particularly important to outline goals, create consistent strategies, and succeed in reaching the right people.


Skills, Commitment and Results

What is just explained is a job that requires study, experience, commitment and professionalism.

We will try to fully understand your business, your customers, the actual opportunities and the achievements through our support. We will give you tips and we will try to bring your social success to your page.

When this is not possible we will tell you, we will explain why and we will evaluate alternative options.

In truth, one thing you must know is that the will to make social marketing is framed in a more general and complex scenario.
What are your goals?
How can a good Facebook page management help you achieve them? It’s enough?
Often, we will need to integrate the work done on Facebook with other channels, whether online or offline.

Always remember what goals are to be achieved.
It would be wrong to think about social success as an end goal to itself!


What are the right content to post on Facebook?

We are talking about a crowded social media network, loaded with information and people trying to exploit this space for advertising.

For its very nature, it is inevitable that its users are distracted and kicked by content that does not interest him, as well as by explicit advertisement.


The right content must therefore have these features:

  • They must convey values ​​and these values ​​must be consistent with the Brand.
  • They must have an identity in line with what they must promote.
    They must be correlated with one or more targets.
  • They need to stimulate interactions between posts, users, and businesses, as well as facilitate the accomplishment of certain actions (click on a link or on a button).
  • They must be interesting, useful and / or entertaining in accordance with the tastes of our audience.
  • They must have a sense of purpose, with a strategy based on a plan and possibly an editorial timetable.
  • They need to be improved based on what actually works.
  • They need to be diversified, serve varieties of content both to be interesting and to have more chances of finding customers exploring more possibilities.
  • In any case, they must be more colloquial content than other channels. Remember, Facebook is a social network based on entertainment and relationships.
  • The various types of content must be consistent between them (images, tone, quality etc).