Facebook Advertising

How does a Facebook advertising campaign work? Why can it bring great results to your business?

Making a Facebook advertising campaign for your company is an effective option in many cases. It can be done in at least two ways.


1) Payment Campaigns and Goals

One is advertising in the strict sense: paid campaigns independent of page or site management. To make paid campaigns you need to have a basic page from which to work. You can do a great advertising campaign regardless of how the page is handled.

What you do is buy Facebook advertising space that may vary depending on your goals set (interactions, sales, website traffic, contacts, etc.).


2) Visibility and Interaction

Another way of thinking about advertising on Facebook concerns the Company’s Page Manager. Strategic posts planned through a plan and an editorial calendar, interaction with page fans, up-to-date information and images.

However, even the most basic management of a Facebook page may require some advertising campaigns. This is because so-called “organic coverage” is reduced to such an extent as to make the efforts and resources used to post content less efficient.

Even pages with the most affluent users suffer from the very low percentage of organic coverage, or only a small part of the fan posts appear. Advertising, in this case, helps the visibility of content that otherwise would not be visible to anyone.


The Facebook Advertising Platform

Facebook is definitely the most powerful Advertising Tool among Social Media.

Allows you to manage campaigns in many ways and with different purposes. Above all, it allows a precise work on the audience we are looking for: we can decide to reach (or exclude) people between 20 and 30 with a certain working situation, passionate sushi people, people resident near our company.

We can reach people who have entered a site but did not make any purchases, people who were about to buy but did not (remarketing), visitors who only saw a specific page of our site.

We can even select people with small children, however, excluding parents with teenage children, people just coming back from a trip, people we have any contact with, and more.

In a word we can direct our messages and content and make us know by selecting the audience in extremely precise ways. And this is exactly what makes Facebook one of the most powerful advertising platforms in the world, which allows you to achieve tremendous results when used for the right goals and the right way.


How to create a sponsored Facebook campaign

How do professionals work to create effective advertising campaigns?

Preliminarily, you carefully study the industry, product and service to sell, outline the audience to which you are addressing and trying to understand every detail.

At this point, you identify the interests of this “target” and its possible behaviors and fit into the Facebook platform for advertising.

You write the content and finally breaks down every aspect to see what works best.

In other words, you are segmenting the campaigns and the audience and heading as far as possible.

For example, if you have to create a single campaign with a target ranging from 30 to 60 years, it’s best to schedule six distinct men’s / women’s 30-40 / 40-50 / 50-60 campaigns. For each campaign, different content is presented to see what works best and to optimize spending resources over time.


What are the benefits of audience segmentation?

First of all, people who are interested are getting faster.

We can see which audience segment gets better results and in this way we can beat the competition of other advertisers who compete with us using more general publics.

After the a / b test or the small variations you try to invest in the campaign that works best and erase the least performing copies.

So you get better results with faster schedules and less spending.


The Facebook Pixel

In a short time, Facebook’s Pixel has become such a powerful tool to be said to many professionals who have become critical to making Social Media Marketing. Facebook Pixel is a resource you no longer have to do without it.

Technically it is a JavaScript code to implement on the web site so that it can be monitored by Facebook.

In this way, the Social Network will be able to look at all the people who, starting from the company page or from a Advertising campaign, have entered the site.


Starting from this you can get several valuable resources:

  • Analysis: Facebook will be able to tell us exactly who went to the website, what pages it was and what actions it did.
  • Audience: Pixel will build a public based on people who visited the site or just some specific pages. Once structured this platform, you can also build a visitor-like audience on the site to get more opportunities to find new customers.
  • Remarketing: Thanks to the audience built through the pixel, it’s possible to target remarketing advertising campaigns (such as showing an ad to someone who has seen a certain object in the virtual store).
  • Optimization: The Facebook algorithm will have much more information to be able to show ads to the right people.

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