Personal Website

The site is intended for all those professions or special activities such as lawyers, doctors, engineers, but also bloggers, sportsmen, politicians.

These are all those figures who need to inform their public and be known professionally but also discreetly.

Here are some areas that we recommend for personal sites and that according to our suggestion should not be missing:

Porfolio: shows what is proposed to the customer whether it is products or services.Blog: essential in a personal site are articles, news and other forms of communication (photos, movies, etc) helps to explain to visitors what you propose. It is also excellent in the good ranking of your site in search engines. We strongly recommend it.

Blog: Blogging is the editing of articles within the site. These are contents related to the activity of the professional. This is strongly recommended because it improves the authority of the professional and favors the good positioning in search engines if it is done according to the SEO standards (Nughe takes care of this, you do not have to worry about it).

Multilingual: we advise our customers to have at least the site also in English, in addition to the mother tongue as international contacts are more and more frequent.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): these are the most common questions asked. We advise you to prepare a space with the most frequent answers on your site. This saves valuable time and helps in providing an efficient and quick service to customers.

Education: there is the possibility to include on your site a platform dedicated to training and distance courses to be kept online.