Management Software

Nughe and its management systems help you to facilitate production

The management systems that Nughe uses for its partners have the characteristic of being functional and simple in their use depending on whether they should be used by particularly complex organizations or by specific sectors.

The Management Software facilitates and organizes efficiently the work of Accounting, Production, Warehouse and the various Business Processes.

Our proposal is designed to facilitate the daily work of companies and allows you to automate all your procedures and all business activities.
For complex organizations of medium-large size, Nughe proposes modular management software, or modular solutions according to the needs and the complexity of the company.

Thanks to the different specific modules (production, accounting, warehouse, sales, e-commerce, for example), easily integrated with each other the productivity of the company is improved.

For smaller organizations and professionals, the proposals are simple, complete and economical in their use.

These are activities such as Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Restaurants, Pizzerias and other organizations, we suggest our dedicated Management Software, simple and ready to use.

Both solutions are designed to be used both in the office and on the move.