Institutional Website

We intend the site suitable for organizations, both public and private, who must communicate their users with information, services and more.

The site is designed and built so that it can be managed and updated by you, independently, in different languages.

Also as regards the types of websites, every company may need a different structure.

However, we suggest the possibility of evaluating the inclusion of the following areas:

Porfolio: shows what is proposed to the customer whether it is products or services.

E-commerce: the site allows you to open the online store as if it were real. It can be updated directly by you independently (warehouse, invoicing, orders, etc). If necessary it can be interfaced with your systems for warehouse management, invoicing and everything necessary for the optimal organization of the company.

Multilingual: we advise our customers to have at least the site also in English, in addition to the mother tongue as international contacts are more and more frequent.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): these are the most common questions asked. We recommend preparing a space with answers on your site. This saves you valuable time and helps you provide an efficient and fast service to your customers.

Education: there is the possibility to include on your site a platform dedicated to training and distance courses to be kept online.

Blog: this is the area of the website for articles organized in articles, news and other kind of communication (photos, movies, etc) that helps you to explain to the visitors what you propose. It is also excellent in the good ranking of your site in search engines. We strongly recommend it.