The international market opens new scenarios and new possibilities.

It is easy to understand how and why Nughe felt the need to integrate the translation service into his complete proposal.

What can a good translation service help?

Here are the services we can offer and why contact Nughe for translations:

  • We offer the possibility of marketing in all the countries where you want to offer your products or services.
  • We create multilingual sites with all the contents already translated on delivery.
  • We create contents and articles of which it is possible to have the necessary translations ready from the publication.
  • We offer competitive prices for technical translations of any kind, being able to offer multi-service packages that reduce costs.


International Marketing

International marketing is done with the objective of placing one's own company in the market of one or more "foreign" countries or strengthening its presence in the same markets. To do this it is important to adapt the language to the country or even to the region of your target audience / target.

Every market has its own peculiarities and risks, so it may be important to work on a complete project.

This is why we integrated the translation services into Nughe's services.

We wanted to allow our team to have a complete vision and work in a coordinated way: from the project, through the strategies, up to the operational phases - including management.

Linguistic work on texts and advertising campaigns can be more precise and functional if done with an overview and a strong cooperation.

Multilingual Sites and International SEO

As well as for local campaigns, doing SEO for international businesses serves to position your web site so that it is easyly found by customers that we need to intercept through search engines.

Obviously, however, the positioning on each country presupposes and requires searches of different keywords and the relative translation of the texts.

Each country has its own language, so we must both find the words used in that region to look for our product or service, and have the whole site translated.

This is a job that must be done in a precise way, so it can give a lot of possibilities to the sites in order to increase their visibility exponentially.

In websites with international ambitions we advise in all cases to never miss the English language, in addition to that of the specific countries in which you want to expand your market.