Websites e Landing Pages

Some aspects on which we pay close attention to the realization of our Websites and Customer Landing Pages

Not all Websites are equal and not all Landing Page converts in the same way. We at Nughe pay close attention to the specific needs of our customers. We change the job setting according to the project and targets. We try to understand the right peculiarities that each Internet Site must have to achieve the desired results.

When you decide how to design a website, you must first understand how much space you give to texts and how much space to give your pictures.

You have to ask yourself a question before starting a new website

What kind of person is my ideal visitor and what is he looking for?

When you enter a website you do it with an intent, which can vary totally: buy products, see beautiful photos, find useful product or company information, read articles and news.

For any need, the answer can be very different also at layout level.

The Importance of the Responsive Web Site, Optimized for the Mobile

Google Analytics data and all the testimonials on the web are clear: Today’s sites are mostly visited by mobile devices.

That’s why first each site should be optimized to ensure a perfect navigation experience from Smartphone.

The web site needs to be responsive to adapt to the most diverse device types: not just smartphones but also tablets, consoles with brower or even web tv.

Having a responsive site does not just mean giving it an acceptable resolution.

To maintain visitors on the domain and try to get results (sales, data capture, retention, etc.), you should ensure a 360 degree optimum navigational experience.
Full readability even from smaller screens, the most important buttons well visible on the smartphone (some parts of the site primarily seen by the computer are moved down to the mobile devices) and key information strategically arranged.

Many things are needed. You want to make a beautiful site without thinking about the importance of displaying it from your cellphone. In fact, the appearance of the web site changes completely from the mobile phone. And customers maybe visit the site just from the smartphone.

It is also good to understand that the mobile user browses in a different situation than a user connected by the PC. He can be on the bus, in a row at the supermarket, on the couch in front of the TV, can be a distracted visitor from the environment he is in.

That’s why we need a tailor-made strategic work with different devices for each device.

Simple and immediate interfaces

Many sites, too many information!

Navigation has become increasingly frantic, characterized by quick readings and continuous bounces from one portal to the other. That’s why it’s important to offer simple and instant interfaces. This way the visitor is facilitated in his navigation.

Often, you spend so much time and money to bring visitors to the site without paying attention to the quality of the visit: a visitor who goes in and out is not a useful visitor.

For this reason it is important to entrust your own Web Marketing campaign to a competent agency that is aware of any useful detail.

Clearly visible buttons, site topics clear and consistent with SERP and with anchor text, an understandable menu that facilitates navigator choices. It is also important to move anywhere in the portal without ever “getting lost” (such as breadcrumbs).

There are so many things that require a careful analysis and the ability to implement everything you need on the web site.

Landing Pages

For Landing Page we mean pages designed with one or more goals (sales, contacts, etc) on which users arrive. If everything has been done correctly, users come up to our strategy.

There must be pages reached by the right people and optimized to get as many conversions as possible. In other words, these are landing pages specially designed to achieve certain goals.

Lending pages must be convincing and bring the visitor to become a customer or at least to leave their own contact.

To do this, they have very specialized skills and a continuous work of testing and optimization.

As with the website, even in the case of the Landing Page if this is not optimized, the user will come out soon after arriving. This will make all other investments (SEO, Adwords, Social Campaigns, etc) totally useless: we will have brought traffic, but it was useless because the landing page was inadequate.

What can Nughe do for you?

Nughe experts can help you build or edit Web Sites and Landing Page. They deal with every detail to make them optimized and performing according to your needs.

Contact us now to get a quote or for any request.