What is SEO and why it is so important to be positioned on search engines


Whatever the purpose, having traffic on the internet site is paramount point.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) serves to bring organic traffic to the site by making it appear among on the top of the first search results.

The best thing is to be well-positioned for the right keywords to bring “qualified” traffic, which is made up of ideal visitors (potential customers, executives with whom we would like to make trade agreements, etc.).

Working on SEO is a long-term job. It may take several months before you can see the results you are looking for.

So why decide to invest on SEO?

Because unlike other sources of traffic, we do not to have to pay for the organic traffic.
For sure money is invested on time and work done to get positioning.
It is important to do that to have constant visibility on the best keywords without having to pay every click, can bring incredible results.

Also compared to other sources of traffic, the organic traffic is more stable and lasting. An Adwords campaign or a traffic-based Facebook advertising can bring tremendous immediate results. However, when campaigns come to an end, paid visibility will disappear altogether.

Organic visibility is difficult to achive but – as far as it can swing between the positions – when it gets show solidly the site in the SERP.