What is Neuromarketing and Why is It Important to Improve Company Outcomes?

In recent years, thanks to the latest technologies, the entire neuroscience sector has grown. Another reason is the need for optimizations. In fact, the need to set work on Marketing has emerged on the basis of what actually happens in people’s minds and the mechanisms behind the choices.

Neuromarketing is the study of reactions and human actions in advertising contexts through the analysis of brain activity. This is done to improve the results of marketing platforms and campaigns based on actual behaviors and neural and psychological processes.

In practice Neuromarketing is a discipline that helps marketing experts to work on what people prefer cognitively: placement of texts, image details, button color, etc. It is a scientific method to understand the mechanisms underlying people’s preferences.

In this way, you try to abide by the will of the user, also increasing the chances of creating a context that favors the customer acquisition path and therefore the increase in sales.

Neuromarketing for the Web

Referring to the field of online marketing, we find numerous contexts in which neuroscience can offer valuable indications to improve results sharply.


We see the most relevant cases:


Website Optimization based on Neuromarketing

The website is the main structure through which tests and modifications can be made based on the results of neuroscience.

When Neuromarketing principles are applied to websites (and in particular to their design), elements such as site colors, quantity and layout of elements (keys, texts, images), images used, and details that can affect browsing the page.


Many general principles are applicable to internet sites

For example, it is very effective to make the site clean and straightforward to help save cognitive resources, which can lead to a significant increase in the time spent on pages and a reduction in bounce rate.

The buttons on which you want to receive clicks must have a color that attracts the attention of the user and a shape and size that attract as much as possible the action you want to get.

Specifically, for example, we may suggest choosing colors that, in addition to being brand-conform, can increase visual contrast in a way that focuses the visitor’s attention on the elements we want to be primarily focussed.

Neuromarketing suggests the preferred forms of the human brain, the quantitative limit of information that people get before they experience a cognitive stress, or it helps us to understand what are the most effective and persuasive concepts.


Neuromarketing applied to search engines

Neuroscience studies offer valuable information to optimize the traffic received from the SERP.

Understanding the functioning of the mind, in fact, helps to create title and impact description that will help increase the ratio of impressions and clicks received. It is good to know, for example, that the human brain prefers clear information and concrete indications.

Consider the user experience and its reactions already from the search results page.

It is on the SERP that you have to start attracting the attention of the researcher, gaining the interest and creating the right expectations, which will then be overtaken in the site to create a visitor with pleasant sensations through the release of dopamine.

Let’s not forget that even image optimization and placement is part of the SEO.

It can therefore be very effective to be able to place many attractive images with the utmost utilization of visual communication, which cognitively speaking reaches users primarily with regard to textual content.


Neuroscience studies at Email Marketing

As we have explained, neuromarketing can orientate optimizations in any advertising context, as it has many aspects of structure and content.

Advertising Emails can therefore be improved on all fronts thanks to the results of neuroscience and studies of actual behaviors.

Starting from the email structure, optimizing graphics, images, and content, Neuromarketing helps to make your emails more magnetic and persuasive.

Nughe helps you optimize every aspect by paying attention also to the Neuromarketing lessons, so you can increase your earnings.