Web Marketing Consulting

Good consulting can change the future of a company

Investing in consultancy can be the best choice even in Web Marketing. Furthermore, in the long run, doing an expert analysis can lead to the identification and resolution of all issues that hinder the company’s success.

Not only that, the specialist helps to understand in which direction it is better to invest the money to have the best return.

This is a step that can channel the resources available for Web Marketing in the best way.

A good consultant can find, for example, that the company has a good web site but it is not properly positioned. The result is that the web site does not exist on the search engines.

Once this problem has been identified, the budget can be differently managed. For example avoiding to optimize the web site if it is not easy accessible to customers.

How a Web Marketing Consultancy can help to develope a correct Web Marketing Strategy?

There are really many companies that invest or want to invest in Web Marketing without having an optimal strategy and a 360 degree prospect. The consultant can suggest the issues to be corrected or the areas of Online Marketing that he would invest more.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The good positioning on search engines is crucial and we are talking about this in depth.

The consultant can point out to the company that the website does not receive enough traffic, or receives the wrong traffic. In these cases, it may be very useful to allocate a part of your budget to optimization on Google or another search engine.

Adwords Campaigns

Sometimes it is not easy to have a good organica location on search engines: too much competition or a new website, or too tight times. So you can make paid campaigns on Google to appear in the customers’ search results as “Paid Results”. This is a really powerful tool, especially if you find the right sponsored keyword.

Also, even when organic placement is good, having a dual presence in the SERP alongside Adwords to SEO can lead to a significant increase in qualified traffic.

Placement campaigns can be very expensive, so you need to consider investing with a good consultant.


Regardless of traffic, there are unoptimized websites that run away visitors.

The worst situation that can happen is a web site with a lot of traffic that does not convert.

In this case, if we are investing money for traffic we can consider it as thrown money.

If we are not spending it directly, we are still loosing money in escaping potential customers from the site.

That is why planning a good website or making an analysis of the current one can be so important. Another reason to ask for advice!


Blogging is a powerful tool: involves clients, creates interest, tells the industry, links and helps the site to position itself. However, it is certainly worth considering. It is important to consider that writing articles for the blog can be extremely expensive.

This is why we need to understand if blogging is compatible with resources and if it is the best choice.

Even having this information available, a consultant can still give useful advice regarding the plan and the editorial calendar.

Email Marketing

Even in the case of Email Marketing, it is better to discuss with a skilled professional to verify if it is appropriate to invest a budget on this type of Web Marketing or if you are doing it correctly.