Email Marketing

Email Marketing and Direct Email Marketing (DEM)

Marketing activities that use e-mail continue to bring very important results but must be done in the right way, especially in respect of contexts and people reached.

Emails today continue to be widely used on all fronts. In fact, even those who prefer other channels for communication are in any case obliged to own and manage at least one mail address for site and service registration.

Direct Email Marketing

Direct Email Marketing (DEM) is defined as sending content to a list of users.

It can give many advantages over traditional mass advertising, especially if the collection of email addresses to which the content is sent is properly made, creating well-defined lists. In fact, the email arrives at the recipient immediately and at a low cost.

A recipient must be sufficiently precise to ensure that content is tailored to each group of people receiving them.

E-mail advertising also allows full content management and timing, as well as the ability to verify at least part of the reactions of users who receive mail and test different possibilities.

Massive advertising by addressing the right people

The challenge and turnaround of email marketing compared to what has been traditional marketing is actually the ability to reconcile the achievement of numerous contacts with content selection.

For this reason, it is easy to understand why email marketing also requires a broad strategy, integrated into a multifaceted work.

Getting the right contacts requires careful attention that begins with the preliminary target benchmarking and ends with conversions, through processes and techniques that require expertise.

The best addresses obtained are those voluntarily issued, possibly by website visitors, when this is structured in such a way as to have a highly profiled traffic. The content must then be prepared and optimized based on user lists based on sensible criteria.

A common mistake is to think about email marketing as a casual address book with subsequent massive delivery of advertising content on all possible mailboxes.

We of Nughe pay attention to all aspects of the process.

Starting from a preliminary analysis, we carefully consider the phase of the acquisition of the contacts, finally getting ready for the right content and emailing on the basis of well profiled lists previously built.