What is Copywriting and why should it be considered as a key element for Web Marketing?

Copywriting is the editing of advertising texts. This is the creation of textual content dedicated to potential customers and aimed at achieving business goals.

Writing great content improves business results. This is because words generate the perception that people have on those who pronounce it and push to do or not to do certain actions.

There are several advertising areas involved in copywriting activities.

Nughe deals with both copywriting related to online marketing and offline. For this second topic, refer to the copywriting page dedicated to offline marketing.

Advertising texts for Web Marketing and Social Media Marketing have both the same characteristics as copywriting “offline”, as well as different and peculiar characteristics.

Within the “online” sector, there are further ways to consider. In fact, every web and social platform has different features, so it requires different settings in writing.

Writing publicity texts is not a “generic” job. Whoever deals with writing these texts must continually adapt the “tone of voice” and the style chosen in the writing of the texts, both to those who are listening and to the chosen medium.

It is also very important to write the texts in relation to the specific field of interest.


The Copywriting Online Scopes

Copywriter’s online work can cover many “corners”. Let’s try to list some of them:

  • Texts for Advertising Campaigns (Facebook Adv and Google Adwords, in particular).
  • Texts for Internet Sites, Landing Page and E-Commerce.
  • Texts for Social Network Content.
  • Text Banner and Popup to be placed on any platform.
  • Texts and Brands for Newsletter and Email Marketing.
  • Copy to Do Article Marketing.


What is Content Marketing?

Content is the key to keeping the users on the company’s website and making the potential customer reach useful actions to achieve the goals set.

Content Marketing means creating and spreading content that leads to new customers and sales growth.

The scenario in which to work however is a problematic context, because the internet network is full of information, so much of the texts on the websites are completely ignored or read only partially.

What to do then?

Both text language and formatting must be adapted.

There are basic considerations that can greatly increase the attentions received.

In particular, it is necessary to:

  • Make texts straightforward and easy to understand by anyone.
  • Structure the contents so they can be read quickly and with less effort.
  • Provide real motivations to the reader to get his time. These reasons must be clear from now on.


How to do good copywriting work

To create value content that brings results to the company, no detail should be overlooked.

Pay attention to grammar, which must always be impeccable. Attention must be paid to the differences between the contexts in which it is written.

Also, you should never underestimate the importance of correct formatting.

A good copywriter can modify the message by changing the style and even the rhythm of the text depending on the medium on which it is written and the target to which it is spoken.

The information must involve the reader, offer answers to his questions, and give the visitor to the website something really significant in exchange for his attentions.

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