What is Online Marketing

What is Online Marketing?

Making Online Marketing means exploiting the Web to promote the brand, the events that are organized, the products and the services that you offer.

You can also use this form of Marketing to bring a little known app to success, increase sales of an e-commerce, get email addresses, or get other important information about potential customers.

The starting point for doing Web Marketing is of course the website, from which it is possible to conduct very thorough analyzes to test ideas and sales strategies.

To get traffic to your site, and then potential customers, there are two ways to do so: search for traffic in an organic way or search for paid traffic.

The website obviously has to be placed organically on the search engine. When people search for products or services similar to those we offer, we need to be the first of the results: this type of optimization is SEO.

With paid traffic, we mean advertising campaigns, such as Google Adwords (SEA) or social network ads, which we talk about in the Social Network category.

Let’s remember that the website is a great way for getting email addresses or other customer information.

All of these tools and strategies, if associated with good work on content, constitute Web Marketing.