Managing Advertising Campaigns

When we decide to start an ad campaign, it’s important that some points are clear about how to work it out to handle it and get good results.

Our suggestion is to answer some questions to find out if we have the answer to proceed.

No doubt the first question is also the most important: who do we want to reach with our message?

We need to know who should be conquered by our campaign if we really want to achieve the goals set.

Who is our target? Are we really sure to know him?

This question must be done both when working offline and online. We must understand very well and as soon as possible who we want to reach, that is, which target we are interested in, and then we will invest in our advertising budget.

> For example, if I wanted to create a campaign for a product related to female users and verifying our database of subjects involved I found out that my target is male, I wonder if there is something wrong with it.

Established then who is our target and verified that is the correct one we can go further.

What does the customer really care about? Who provided the answer to this question?

We need to understand what the target we have identified really needs. If during our business activities we were careful and wise we would collect this information directly from the relationship with our customers.

If we have had the right feeling during our relationship with our users and we have used this report to ask them what they need, we might have the answer to our question in hand. Knowing what really interests the customer is a very important knowledge asset.

This “home-made” survey offers us an interesting starting point directly from our target.

Surely, further analysis would be done with a suitable focus group that would give us confirmation and more information to our research.

In addition to the two questions, which budget should be invested?

After answering the first questions we can proceed and deal with advertising investment management.

We must be aware that a budget will be needed to invest in these actions.

Decided on the budget you need to decide which activities to schedule?

We may decide to buy advertising space on which to use our message. The media on which to launch advertising campaigns must be chosen; their choice will be based on the budget available to maximize the contacts we are to reach.

With media in particular, it is important to collaborate on a mix of pure advertising activities together with a content-based business that needs to be implemented in collaboration.

We can launch public relations activities towards our target by organizing presentations, press conferences, meetings tailored to their needs. Special promotions of our products or services on focus groups can be tested to be used for subsequent targeted activities and so on. It is certainly important to make an analysis of the amount of the advertising budget that can be allocated to decide which actions can be set.

Advertising campaigns and their duration

Properly choosing the media to use we can give concrete support to the business network.

In planning an advertising campaign, it’s important that the budget is used not for spot-on-demand deals but for continuous action on the reference market. It is certainly important to spread the available budget over a period as long as possible.

Surely the advice we give is to start with a sustainable budget, based on corporate finances. The measurement of the campaign result must not be missed. You can gradually increase the dedicated budget for the actions we have tested to give you the best return on the market we’ve identified.

Consultation and a meeting on these issues can clarify ideas on how to proceed. Investments can be studied based on the opportunities and the concrete results that the company expects.