The preparation of advertising texts is the activity to be carried out after choosing the media to be used for our advertising message. As we have indicated in the pages dedicated to the management of advertising campaigns.

It is very important to work on editing a correct advertising text; it must be effective and if it is not, we have failed.

Ability to synthesis, precision and creativity: these are characteristics of the advertising text that hits the target!
The text created must have a clear understanding of the target to which it is addressed.


This is achieved with a certain amount of imagination and experience in writing, knowing the target to which the message is intended and giving him the answers that he is looking for: this is the advertising text you need, nothing else.

A note: the advertising texts must be edited differently depending on whether it should be used for a classic message on printed paper, on a billboard or on the web or on social media. Above all, let’s remember that a short and quick text captures and is worth much more than a long and too detailed one. Advertising messages have little time to display. Hardly more than a few seconds.

What content must be present in advertising texts? Where, how and how much?
The message must indicate the advantages that those who own our good or service can have.

It must be remembered that the advertising message aims to improve sales. Therefore we must make known the advantages that our client has working with us.

Considering the results we want to achieve, we repeat that the advertising message must be creative and concise. These elements are winning and particularly effective. Moreover the ease of its reading and its comprehension, the well-readable characters used and its rational and easily viewable positioning give it great strength towards the target to which it is directed.

In the text the advantages that the client will have must be clearly identified, avoiding exaggerations and forcing.

Also remember that the advertising message must be conveyed to your target constantly. One impression is not enough because it would easily be forgotten. Its presence with minimal continuity can effectively reach our potential customers.

This is why a continuous presence of the advertising message increases impressions and brings very important benefits.

Part of the presence of the advertising message is entrusted to advertising investments and therefore to the allocated budget; a part to the ability to maintain a good presence in the media with a mix of activities of different kinds.

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