Availability and skills to improve the key points of Marketing Mix

Marketing means “Making” Market. Every organization that exists on the market, only for this reason, just because they exist “do” Marketing.

The core elements of the marketing mix are the core of business activities. Even without setting up a structured and defined marketing plan in every detail every businessman has to deal with the elements of the Marketing Mix:

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Place
  4. Promotion
  5. people
  6. Process
  7. Phisical Evidence

Everyone who is doing business must face every day on each of these key marketing points. Obviously, you can do it in a more or less structured way or with a more in-depth analysis that needs to be included in the business context.

All businesses “do” Marketing

Every business has to do with its products, sales price, commercial distribution (shops, GDO, online or other). Every business organization promotes its sales in different ways. Starting from the store, there are many activities dedicated to promoting sales.

The same word of mouth is the basis of public relations, just to make a simple example. The same large organizations with important market shares use the elements of the Marketing Mix, with significant budget for advertising investments that support the sales. This means that marketing is at the basis of the business life, whether small or large.

Doing well Marketing makes living better and thriving the business

Our consultancy helps you to work at the points of marketing-related activities and improve overall results. We have the availability and skills for you. We need from your company the widest cooperation to analyze and improve the individual Marketing Mix activities by addressing these issues with seriousness. You can improve the results thanks to the work of our team at your disposal.

Surely with our advice you can take the first step in this direction.