Offline Marketing

Marketing helps businesses. Let us help you to improve your Marketing Mix

The world of services is increasingly competitive: competition increases. Consumers, private citizens or businesses, are looking for more and more attractive value products and services.

Marketing helps companies in product sales planning (or services). To do this, it is important to properly set up the Marketing Mix and the 7 P, which include pricing, distribution and promotion policies for products (or services) that we want to present to the market in our interest.


  1. Product.
  2. Price.
  3. Place.
  4. Promotion.
  5. People.
  6. Process.
  7. Phisical Evidence.



The product or service is produced by the company with the expectation that it can reach its user (buyer) during its lifecycle. Product features must be studied and designed in accordance with the principle of consistency of the various elements of the marketing mix to fit into the market to which it is intended.



Price identifies the value of a product or service. The price remunerates the costs necessary to make a product or service and business risk and place it on the market. The price level decision is important for benchmarking and perceived target customers.



Distribution is particularly important. It allows you to reach your customers in the right way if you choose the most suitable channels. There are several channels that can be used: stores and / or websites for example. The channels are linked to the buyer and how his habits are evolving. Without a commercial network and a good distribution both offline and online it will be difficult to reach your target.



Promotional activities help you to get to know a product or service. It is very important to build sales promotion activities to the appropriate target. The chances of doing promotional activities have grown considerably and it is necessary to coordinate the possible mixes according to the goals. From offline offline activities such as public relations, print advertising, tv, radio to the more current web and social circles around us.



People are part of the company that produces goods and services. People make up the companies that buy and consume the same. The manufacturer and the user are people with their professionalism, ability to relate and a reputation that involves, for good and for evil, the companies they represent. All of this has a subjective and personal impact on the process of meeting supply and demand, commercial engagement and the transfer of goods and services against the price paid.



Every activity that takes place within the company follows its specific dynamic process. This happens when purchasing a good, in the production process, in sales preparation, and so on. Every single process must be optimized within the organization in which it takes place. Process optimization is very important as a marketing activity. It consists in making the dynamics of efficient and organized processes, whoever interacts with them will be able to perceive the quality of the organization.


Phisical Evidence:

During the course that will lead to the acquisition of goods and services, the testimonies of the acquired customers are particularly important. Demonstrating the quality of what is being proposed, whether it is products or services, is proven by testimonies from previous clients and third parties. The witness can characterize not only the quality of the product or service purchased, but also the pre-and post-sales service, the preparation of the most valuable employees of the company and the loyalty of the customers.


Offline and Online Marketing: Better to be together

We often distinguish the activities of a Marketing project between Offline and Online even though the two worlds coexist in reality. To get the best possible results, the two aspects can only go together to maximize the effects of a well-designed Marketing Plan. Depending on your budget and specific needs, you can give more space to online or offline activities, but combining them in the right way you can get the most out of your strengths. However, both online and offline marketing are the horizons of the future.