Private: How to choose the right Social to promote your Company?

Managing a page or a social account requires in both cases an important investment of time or money.

This is why it is essential to choose the most appropriate Social for your needs.

This is because the Social Media are different.

To understand this concept, think about the most obvious cases, like on one side a Social for recreation as Facebook, and on the other a Social thought specifically for the job and professionals like Linkedin.

Social media have become really numerous and in particular for some of them there is the false belief that ”we must be Social at all costs” is widespread.

So let’s see clarity and understand how to choose the most appropriate.

The first question to understand is which Social is the best place to find people interested in my content or more generally in my brand. If an agency offers services to industries, for example, its presence on Instagram could be totally useless.

His target is the manager and the commercial of big business, people more easily traceable on Linkedin.

On the opposite, a trendy clothing store can find its ideal Social in Instagram, with many young people interested in the most fashionable clothes.

Still, it is not just a matter of people, but also of intent.

When a user enters Facebook, his activity is almost always the one to enjoy himself and browse the contents of his friends.

When he enters Linkedin, he is very likely to be interested in work issues.

It may be the same person, but the same content can be perceived in a totally different way at a different time of day.

So, if I have to promote metalworking machinery, on Linkedin I could easily find an interested businessman, on Facebook I could even manage to intercept him but annoy him by talking to him about work in a moment of leisure.

What you need to do, then, is to ask questions about the characteristics of your ”typical customer” and then identify the social network in which you may be more likely to track it at the right time.

The most frequent errors that companies make when they choose and manage Social

Let’s see now what are, in logical order, the most frequent errors that companies make when they are dealing with social media.

1 – Choose the wrong one Social

The first mistake is the most trivial and concerns some of the topics mentioned at the beginning of the article. If I want to promote artisan ice cream with the idea of improving sales on young people, I’m wrong if I invest my time managing a Linkedin account of the ice cream shop. Surely I would get better results and more easily through the management of a business profile on Instagram.

2 – Choose too many Socials

In other words, wanting to be everywhere at all costs. In most cases this leads to an approximate management of each account and every page. That means you lose a lot of time and build a neglected and unprofessional Social image. Or you do well on every Social but you spend a figure out of all logic and control. It is not necessary to be anywhere, better to choose a few Social, but good (and of course manage them properly).

3 – Choose a Social that you are not able to manage

It is also possible that an entrepreneur chooses the right Social from the point of view of the target, but is not able to manage it. An example are the Instagram accounts managed without the proper use of hashtags or with poor and unsuitable votes, or Facebook pages filled with posts ”spam” and without coverage. The result will always be the same: a very bad showcase.

Which are the main Social to choose from

On the page of Nughe related to Social Media you can already find a brief summary with a description of the main Social that our agency deals with.
You can find it at this link on Social.

Facebook remains the most populated social network, with over 2 billion active users.

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