How to improve sales with quality products

What is a quality product? What advantages does it bring to sales?

How to improve sales with quality products? Let's try to answer the question that all companies ask themselves.

Surely everyone has understood that quality products can lead to improved sales or, to better clarify, to the improvement of margins between revenues and costs (production, storage, distribution, promotion and so on).

Quality product vs Low price

An exemple of quality product.

A quality product allows us to have a better positioning than those who compete only on price.

Competing on price is difficult and risky.

It exposes us to competition with those competitors who carry out aggressive strategies focused on very low margins.

Sometimes it presents a commercial proposal with the lowest possible price, so it becomes problematic to chase customers who buy only under these conditions.

We must therefore avoid price competition, unless there are particular market situations: those who work in the fuel sector is one of these cases, in fact if the price of petrol on average is 1.3 euro / liter will be difficult if not impossible to sell it for 2 euros / liter.

With extremely low margins, it is almost impossible to sustain the business activity in medium / long term.

It may only be possible with particularly large and automated sales. In all cases you must act very well.

What is the quality for our customer?

We do not use the price as the only lever to win customers, let's go further.

A product that is perceived as quality allows us to have a superior positioning compared to those who compete only on price.

What do we mean by added value?

We have to study our clientele to understand what his needs may be and then work out the best proposal.

This helps us to develop our business suggestion and how to show it.

All of this must be brought into the market on which we want to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers.

Society is changing and with it the consumers. What are we doing?

We are in a period of great changes.

The rapidity of the evolution of society has led some companies to have enormous success, others to conclude their business activities bitterly.

A street in Hong Kong represents the possible ways to go.

We can increase sales by looking at the society we live in to choose the best possible approach.

The environment in which we live shows us the direction to take and if we are not good observers we will struggle to find the main road.

Nughe is your partner, for you we analyze and help you to develop the best strategy for dealing with the market. All this still is not enough.

How to inform customers of our proposal?

Once we have elaborated our quality commercial proposal, we must work on the perception that the client wants us to have.

This can be done with different promotional activities.

Some offer us the possibility of having feedback from the client, important to understand if what we are doing needs corrections.

That's why Nughe is your perfect partner, ask us how to do it.

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